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30-Acre Themepark for Paintball™


is a Themepark for Paintball™ that offers an Xtreme Paintball Xperience in a safe, family-friendly environment for anyone with an appetite for adventure.

XPX has the largest facility in Central Florida and offers family-friendly recreational paintball has you playing with other players for FUN. You will hear us say, "We are not here to liberate a country. We are here to have FUN."

Brand new to paintball? Don't have your own gear? No problem! We have everything you need to play for about $40 (less for groups of 10 or more).

Come and get an xtreme orientation. We'll have you picking off opponents in no time in our safe, family-friendly environment.

If you want to be totally immersed in a battle and have to fight your way to victory, then XPX is for you.

Come on out and experience the warrior in you!

XPX Xtreme Paintball Xperience St Patrick's Day
XPX Xtreme Paintball Xperience St Patrick's Day
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